Chips for boilers

Our chips for boilers are exclusively made of the virgin timber of softwoods, broadleaves, chestnut and alder, mostly from the forests of the Ligurian as well as Piemont territory.

The material may contain untreated sawing waste, but there are absolutely no scrubs, leaves or remains of pellets or boxes.

After the delivery by the local suppliers, the plant biomass gets stored outside the factory and processed later namely cut into chips and separated from any kind of impurity (soil and stones).

Just like the chips for the biofilters, also the chips for boilers are exclusively produced by mechanical treatment in alignment with the requirements according to D. Lgs. 152/2006 e s.m.i.

The final product is a perfect fuel for boilers of district heating installations and for the production of electricity.

In order to find out more about the characteristics of our wood chips for boilers see the following documentation: