Wood biomass for fuel and filters

At the factory in Bormida we cut the wood biomass (silvicultural cuts of woods, mostly chestnut) into chips of various sizes dipending on their purpose - fuel for boilers of district heating installations and for the production of electricity or as filtering material for the elimination of bad smell emissions.

The virgin timber gets shredded mechanically and cut into same sized pieces called “wood chips”.

We produce wood chips
of 4 different sizes:

cippato grande senza griglia

big chips without grate:
ideal for biofilters


Cippato grande con griglia

big chips with grate mm 120 x 120:
convenient especially for biofilters


cippato medio con griglia

medium chips with grate mm 70 x 70:
convenient for both biofilters as well as fuel for boilers of district heating installations and for the production of electricity


cippato fine con griglia

small chips with grate mm 30 x 50:
convenient as fuel for small- or medium-sized boilers, both district heating installations as well as the production of electricity


Use of wood biomass: the advantages

Most importantly: Eco-sustainability

Besides being a source of natural energy and – therefore – completely eco-sustainable, the wood biomass represent inexhaustible, renewable resources, if harnessed correctly.

The area of Bormida, where our factory is situated, is densely wooded: the silvicultural cuts are executed by local workers in alignment with the regional rules and regulations enabling a natural reforestation.

The use of wood chips as fuel for boilers of district heating installations and for the production of electricity helps reducing the dependence on fossil fuel and therefore reducing the emissions of air pollutants (smoke, sulphur and nitrogen oxide, particulates) This means a reduction of the amount of CO2 in the air and the reduction of the main cause of the greenhouse effect.

During the combustion process the wood biomass (which are simply trees shredded into pieces) releases carbon dioxide into the air, an amount equal to the amount the tree itself has absorbed during its life cicle.


We produce wood chips of four different sizes: the chips of the size “big” have about the same size as a pack of cigarettes.

This means easy transport and saving space during the storage of the material in comparison with the same amount of weight that wood has.

The use of the small chips as fuel furthermore automate the entire boiler feed process without the need of human intervention.

And that’s not all, the burning of the wood chip biomass also causes a reduced amount of ashes.


Without a doubt the wood chips are extremely convenient, especially when compared with other types of fuel: the savings are guaranteed and not just in the sense of costs of traditional fossil fuels, such as diesel or gas.